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New Products

We continually strive to carry the right products and the items that help you get the job done.  We evaluate each manufacturer carefully to determine if their line of products meet high quality standards and will bring value to our customers organization.  


LED Linear Solutions

Energy efficiency has progressed over the years and today's comprehensive lighting solutions include more than just ballasts. Universal's product line has grown rapidly, supported by the reliability of the in-house LED design. Plus, Universal's products can help meet the new energy standards, applications and requirements you need.


Universal's EVERLINE LED product family continues to expand. Recently, we have added the following LED Replacement Fixtures in addition to our current EVERLINE LED line of products: Replacement T8 Tubes (LT), Tubes + LED Ready Ballast Kits (LT+B), Tubes + LED Driver Bundles (LT+D), LED Retrofit Kits (LRK), and LED Retrofit Assemblies (LRA). For more information on the new LED Replacement Fixtures click below